Episode 227: Using The Blues Over A iii-VI-ii-V
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This week is the natural extension of last weeks episode. We covered how to use the blues over a ii-V-I, now we also check out how the same concept can work over a cadence with more chords and motion. We look at this progressions from two different angles resulting in wildly different results so make sure you tune in and grab the PDF for maximum benefit. Enjoy the episode! WANT THE PDF THAT GOES ALONG WITH THIS EPISODE?? Head over to our Patreon page and when you donate $3 or more a month you get this PDF and every other. We will also be bringing you many extras exclusively to our patrons including transcriptions and a FREE gift  of our latest Ebook, The Diatonic Method. We hope that we bring you value every week here at the 10 Minute Jazz Lesson and we appreciate all of your support!
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This week we continue our journey to learn how to play melodies in multiple keys. Last episode, we looked at a very simple melody, Sonny Moon for Two. This week, we are diving into a much more complicated melody, Au Privave, by the great, Charlie Parker. We get down to business numbering the...
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