Ep. 27 - Pathetic Podcasting (or, The 50% Bad-Jority)
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Welcome to the most poorly produced podcast in the world, The 33% Majority. Audio crimes and misdemeanors were comitted, so it's The 50% Bad-jority for episode 27. Ash is absent this week. It's not his fault. He recorded on the scheduled day, but Alex's mic had other ideas. We had to go again, we're sorry. To both the listeners and Ash: We hope you don't miss the final 33% of the hosts too badly, and we hope you can get through this episode of The 50% Bad-jority. If the bits and bytes we've published are sufficient to help you pass the time, do us a favour, and do all the things that help us, maybe please? Subscribe to us on your preferred podcasting platform, leave a review, or maybe even just tell another human of our existence, pretty please?
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Published 12/22/21
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