Ep. 18 - Profound Proverbs, Passionate Puzzles and Petrifying Parables
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Hello precious audience members, this is another episode of our silly talk show called The 33% Majority. We’re really glad you made it. In this week’s episode, your 3 voice actors (Ash, Alex and Tom) will each spend their 15 minutes of fame discussing some horrible and confusing (yet also, sort of profound) Facebook mantras, how well 66.66% of us know our better halves, and a newly named instalment of that segment where we do spooky story time, respectively. For the few of you that read these descriptions, here’s a call to action: We’d really appreciate it if you could share this podcast with a friend (or enemy, we’ll do anything for those sweet streams), post about us on social media, or play this episode obnoxiously loud in a public area. We’d be eternally grateful, and you’ll be rewarded with our first born sons.
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Published 12/22/21
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