Ep. 21 - Crod, Creddit and Crapsodies
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You join us on a special day. Our podcast (The 33% Majority) can finally buy booze in the US! In this week’s episode, your 2 jovial jack-asses (Alex and Ash) - along with 1 angry boy (Tom) - will each spend their 15 minutes of fame discussing how we might design our own ‘33% Religion’ (spoiler alert: crocodiles?), some lazy 'Am I the A*****e' entries, and another game of Bohemian Crapsody, respectively. Also, just to clarify, to enter our giveaway and be in with a chance to win a one-of-a-kind ‘The 33% Majority’ T-Shirt or Hat, just do the following: -Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and take a screenshot (but make sure you put your Instagram or Twitter handle in the review). -Follow us on either Twitter (@the33pm) or Instagram (@the33percentmajority). -Send us a screenshot on whichever social media platform suits you best. We’ll be picking the winners 2 weeks from today, on the 5th of October! 
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