Ep. 24 - Unfriendly Felines (or, The 50% Bud-Jority)
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You might have been expecting a return to normality for The 33% Majority. Well a bunch of nasty germs had other ideas for episode 24, so it's The 50% Bud-jority. Alex is once again absent this week. Although HR were not made aware of his absence in advance, statutory sick pay had him covered whilst he couldn't hold any kind of nutrient inside his fragile body. To both the listeners and Alex: We hope you don't miss the final 33% of the hosts too badly, and we hope you can get through this episode of The 50% Bud-jority. We'll actually genuinely will be back to our regular schedule next week.
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Published 12/22/21
Published 12/22/21
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