S2E15 - “It shouldn’t be a bow down system”
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The astoundingly lovely Casting Director Kharmel Cochrane is the final industry professional joining Alexa and Katie for Series 2 of The 98% and she's helping the series go out with a bang! Kharmel casts projects all across the board and gives her wonderfully honest take on this industry. Listen now to hear why she doesn’t watch showreels, why she champions actors coming in for commercial castings and what she thinks about the rise of self tapes, and lots more! Find out more about Kharmel's work on her website http://kharmelcochrane.com and for casting calls for her projects follow her on twitter @KharmelCochrane Follow The 98% on twitter @the98percentpod and join WeAudition.com now to submit yourselves to projects, have meet and greets with casting directors, find a reader for your self tapes and earn money being a reader for others! Use our discount code 9825 for 25% off your monthly subscription bringing it to just $10 (£6) and month! Bargain! Kharmel is a member of the CDA and CDG, two important organisations working hard to uphold professionalism in the industry. Find out more about them here: http://castingdirectorsassociation.com http://www.thecdg.co.uk *Apologies for the less than perfect sound in this episode, we were recording in a busy office!*
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