Coronapocalypse Special - “It’s like Christmas gooch but worse.”
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Our lives feel like the plot of a Black Mirror episode and everything's gone t**s up. Thanks to zoom, Alexa and Katie were able to record an episode to hopefully cheer you all up and bring some solidarity - despite them now being 4000 miles away from each other! Follow The 98% on twitter and share your #reasontosmile @the98percentpod   [Although we've never been high tech/fancy production podcasters (we're 98% actors guys we can't afford that!!) quality is a bit different here because we are recording over video chat. We hope you can look past that and still enjoy The 98%. Thank you for being here!]
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For the first time in the history of The 98% this episode is about the craft itself...acting! Andrew McIlroy is this weeks guest and he shares some amazingly useful thoughts, advice and coaching tips for TV/Film auditions and screen acting in general. As one of Vancouver's most notable and...
Published 07/13/20
In this episode actor Andy Turner comes on The 98% to talk about living outside of London. What started as a chat about the pros and cons of living elsewhere whilst pursuing a career in a Londoncentric industry also moved into an inspiring account of Andy’s journey with his mental health. Andy's...
Published 06/29/20
The term "intimacy co-ordinator" is probably new to most people and yet their job should have been a staple in this industry LONG before now. In this episode Alexa and Katie are joined by the amazing Lizzy Talbot who saw a gap in the industry that sorely needed to be filled. She went on to set up...
Published 06/15/20