An undercover agent goes back to college.
Published 12/06/21
Jack Barsky arrives in New York City, hiding in plain sight amongst the millions.
Published 11/04/21
Albrecht heads West on his first and very dangerous mission.
Published 11/03/21
Albrecht learns the craft of an agent while with the KGB in Moscow. But where is this all going?
Published 11/02/21
Just as Albrecht finds love, Moscow comes calling.
Published 11/01/21
Albrecht must decide on his future path.
Published 10/31/21
On his way to the subway one morning, Jack Barsky receives a signal from the Center.
Published 10/30/21
The Agent is the remarkable true story of Jack Barsky, the longest-surviving known member of the KGB illegals program operated during the height of the Cold War. Barsky hid in plain sight in America for 10 years, all the while leading dual lives on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. On one fateful day, he was confronted with an impossible choice.
Published 10/29/21
Published 09/27/21