Sustainable Aviation: Earth Day Edition
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The FAA is accountable for how aerospace impacts our planet. We join businesses, other governments, and citizens on a mission to "Invest In Our Planet," the theme for Earth Day 2022. We will continue to take bold actions, be innovative in our approaches, and implement solutions equitably. Just last year, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg released the U.S. Aviation Climate Action Plan, which aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. aviation by 2050. Transportation produces the most emissions, and FAA is committed to doing its part to build a cleaner, quieter and more sustainable aviation system. In this special Earth Day episode of our podcast, we're talking to experts about sustainable fuels, new technologies, noise reduction and operational efficiency. You'll hear from Jim Hileman, the FAA's Chief Scientific and Technical Officer for the Environment; Greg McDougall, CEO, Harbour Air, Vancouver; and Dave Atwood, Structures and Propulsion Branch Manager, FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center. Operation Invest In Our Planet is underway. Tune in to learn how we're doing our part.
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