Adventures in Safety
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The average person probably has no idea what the FAA’s Technical Operations, or Tech Ops, employees do or what an adventure the profession can be. And by adventure, we mean wild beasts, volcanoes, and camping in the middle of nowhere! In the latest ‘The Air Up There’ podcast episode, “Adventures in Safety,” we talk about the extreme nature of Tech Ops and the great lengths our technicians go to maintain the airspace infrastructure so  pilots can fly safely and air traffic controllers can communicate with pilots. Warning – the content in this episode may cause wide eyes, a fast heartbeat, and shock. Listen in to hear stories from experienced technicians Jeremy Withrow and Charles Barclay, who have maintained flight navigation equipment in the unique – and extreme – environments of arctic Alaska, Hawaii and California desert. If you’re down for an adventure, you may develop a newfound interest in an exciting Tech Ops career. Nevertheless, you will walk away from this episode with a much higher appreciation for these unsung heroes! If you’re #TeamAdventure and #TeamSafety, visit to learn about the career and check out our job openings to see where you could be an asset to our national airspace system. And if you liked this episode, please share.
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