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JC Parets · One on One with Meb Faber - All Things ETFs, Momentum & Value This week on the podcast I sit down with Meb Faber, Co-Founder, CEO and CIO of Cambia Investments. In addition to his "Day job", as he puts it, Meb has authored 5 investment books, a countless amount of white papers, and is also a very popular follow on Twtter @MebFaber. This was really fun for me because Meb is an expert at a lot of things that I am just not, like what happens behind the scenes at ETFs, angel investing and academic studies. He brings up some great points about providing strategies that work, but that people also want/need. He has some strong opinions about share buy backs instead of distributing dividends, learning through acting and participating, and how lucky him and I are that we took the CMT decades ago when it was a lot easier than it is today! This was a lot of fun. Meb is a chill dude, but don't let him fool you, he's one of the smartest guys in the room! Enjoy! Click here return to the episode page
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