DeFi & Technical Analysis | My Conversation w/ Jim Bianco, CMT
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JC Parets · DeFi & Technical Analysis | My Conversation w/ Jim Bianco, CMT The DeFi Revolution is upon us, at least according to Jim Bianco. For many years, I've looked up to Jim and the work he's been doing at Bianco Research and, in fact, he's the one who first inspired me to rip through hundreds of charts during my live presentations in order to get my points across. It took me about a decade to realize it, but it was him who I got that from. Fast forward to 2021, and the Macro Technician who I've always admired has turned into one of the leading voices of what's taking place in DeFi, or "Decentralized Finance". Who better to talk to about what's going on than Jim himself? Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Yield Farming, Metamask Wallets, Coinbase....the whole thing. We dive right into it and talk about how investors of all kinds can take advantage of this revolution into a decentralized world. Traders, Investors, Financials Advisors and even their clients....what does everyone do about this? We do our best to answer those questions in this podcast episode. I personally really really enjoyed this chat. I hope you do too! Click here return to the episode page
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