1015: How To Create Blog Post Outline For Publishing Content Faster? Jam Session
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Friday jam session today, we are going to be talking about how to create blog posts, outlines for publishing content faster. I'm going to give you a cool little trick, something that we do all the time.  I was outlining a post that we will be writing in a brand new niche that we're building inside of brand creators academy. If you're not part of the academy, another reason why you probably want to check it out. You can do so by heading over to brandcreators.com. If you go there, you'll get the details on how you can join us there.  We're going to be building out a new site. We've got two going right now. The third one, we've already published a couple of articles. I'm going to do one myself as a demo inside of the academy.  I'm going to show how easy the process is. The writing part of it's not hard, but you need to get in a rhythm and flow of that and not overthink it. That's another big one, but what will I give you today and what the topic is.
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