1041 • Why Keyword Tools and Search Traffic Estimates Are WRONG (PROOF)
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I wasn't aware of it until I started to look at the data. Today, we're going to talk about why keyword tools and search traffic estimates are wrong.  I do recommend using tools for this because it gives you ideas. It starts to show you the landscape. It starts to show you the competition. Looking at other metrics shows you those low-hanging fruit keywords that you can rank for very quickly.  I'm not looking at a keyword going that gets 9,000 searches a month. I'm going after that keyword because here is the truth. You're not just going after that one keyword. What I mean by keyword is like a long tail.  We talk all about this in our niche properties class. I talked about it here on the podcast and my coffee talks. What we're doing is we're creating an outline inside of that outline.
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