1042 • (ANNOUNCEMENT) New NICHE Property 1K Public Case Study and Full Details
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Welcome to another Rock Your Brand podcast episode, and I am excited. Why? Because I will be announcing a new Niche Property 1K case study with full details. I'm Excited! We've got a cool guy that is going to be hanging out with us. Many of you may have already heard me talk about him in past episodes. He's a friend and partner, and his name is Chris Shaffer. We have a lot of cool things that we're working on. The one thing that we're working on is niche properties where we build digital real estate. We have a new project that we're going to turn into a case study that we will document. Chris is going to be helping us out along the way.  The Announcement It's something a little bit different. It's a way of building a niche property with the same concept that we're used to.  We're doing it a little bit differently, and we're going to test it. We're going to experiment. We'll be spending $9,000  So what I'm going to do here on this episode is walk you through the idea, concept, goals, targets, and what it looks like for the first six to 12 months.  All of this is discussed more in this episode. Watch this episode below or listen to it above.
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