122.1 Rosa Parks and The Freedom Movement (from Slavery to Civil Rights)
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In honor of Juneteenth, we will be talking about "The Mother of the Freedom Movement" - Rosa Parks. Rosa made history when she politely refused to give her seat to a white passenger on a public bus in Alabama when institutionalized racial segregation existed in the South (Jim Crow Laws). Her story is one of courage; she'll make you want to stand up for what's right. Note: Juneteenth is on June 19th, and it's been a federal holiday in the United States since 2021. However, it's been a day of celebration for African Americans since 1865, when Texas, the last state with institutionalized slavery, abolished it.  It's a day to celebrate freedom and liberty, as well as to remember those who fought for it, like Rosa Parks. Premium Content This episode is part of Season 3. By purchasing Season 3 transcripts, you'll be able to access the full episodes, the full PDF transcripts for episodes 101 - 150, an Mp3 download  and the premium podcast player to work on your pronunciation. Follow along with the Season 3 audio (episodes 101-150) as episodes are released. Season 3.. Other Links! Get ALL PREMIUM CONTENT FOR SEASONS 1-3  (including transcripts + mp3s)Get ONLY the Transcripts for Episodes 001 - 100. Get the Free E-Book: 101 American English Slang Words  The Science PawdcastThe Science Pawdcast breaks down the latest science happening in the human world AND...Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify Support the show
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