124 - 3 Must-Know Expressions for IELTS Speaking and Daily Life with Aubrey Carter
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The decision to move overseas is a big one and it requires preparation. The first step for non-native English speakers who want to live, study or work in the U.S. is taking an English exam as proof of English ability. The IELTS exam is one of the most popular. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Aubrey Carter, who shared three expressions that you can use on the IELTS exam and in daily life. These expressions can be squeezed into almost any conversation! If you'd like to learn all about the IELTS exam and hear some tricks for getting a higher score and dealing with the  anxiety of speaking in English in an interview setting be sure to check out episode 104 with Jessica Beck! Jessica is a former IELTS examiner of 14 years and creator of the 3 KEYS IELTS course. Get a $50 DISCOUNT on the 3 KEYS IELTS course now. I am an affiliate of this course for a few reasons:  Jessica has 14 YEARS of experience as an IELTS examiner! She created the study plan. The 30 and 60-day study plans are structured in an achievable format with fun activities. Student success stories serve as proof of course effectiveness! So many students have increased their score with the tips, trips and knowledge within the course. Their stories can be found on the IELTS Energy podcast as well as on the official YouTube Channel. Even if you decide you want to take the IELTS 6 months from now, plan ahead! Start working on your general English knowledge and learn more about the test format. Get a $50 DISCOUNT on the 3 KEYS IELTS course now. Support the show
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