141 - Chats with Shana: Parties and Poopers
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In this 3-part episode, you'll hear a casual discussion about one of life's most mundane topics: peeing and pooping. It's taboo to talk about, which is strange given how it's one of the most common things in the world.  In part 1, you’ll hear about potty training,  you’ll hear a joke and learn some fun things. If you're interested, here's the Potty Training book I was talking about! (The E-book is FREE.)In part 2, you’ll learn peeing and pooping vocabulary, which is very taboo to talk about, yet it’s useful for a multitude of reasons, which I’ll mention. In part 3 you’ll hear two crazy stories about people —no names— who literally pooped on the party. I hope you’ll find them funny and they’ll help you recall some crazy stories you’ve heard. Just wanted to let you know what to expect! Hope you enjoy this. I think I’m going to go hide now. This lesson, like other Chats with Shana episodes, are LESS structured. If you prefer more formal lessons, check out any of the other ones.  How to Get Premium Content for this episode:  Season 3: By purchasing Season 3, you'll be able to access the full episodes, the full PDF transcripts for episodes 101 - 150, an Mp3 download  and the premium podcast player to work on your pronunciation.  You'll also get the full 5-Minute English Course - Part 2, which contains 12 in-depth lessons to boost your vocabulary! This lesson is part of that course.Get ALL PREMIUM CONTENT FOR SEASONS 1 - 3  (with 5 in-depth courses to improve your English,  includes all transcripts + mp3s, quizzes + more.Get ONLY the Transcripts for Episodes 001 - 150Get the Free E-Book: 101 American English Slang Words Support the show
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