Mehdi Sadaghdar from the Electroboom Youtube channel joins Dave to talk about his hobby and professional background, and how he got started in Youtubing. Along with moving to Canada, the Iranian hobby movement, Maker spaces, commercial spaces, Linus Tech Tips and the infamous conflict between practical engineering and theoretical physics in electricity vs magnetism in his stoush with Professor Walter Lewin
Published 10/18/21
Will it work if Chris and Dave record while Chris assembles a board? Listen to find out!
Published 10/11/21
Remco Stoutjesdijk is an electronics designer for audio. He has been creating audio circuits for high end audio manufacturers for many years via his consultancy ItsOnlyAudio.com. He joins Chris to talk about everything from DSP to streaming, chip design to tubes.
Published 10/04/21
This week, Dave and Chris discuss troubleshooting, both in the abstract and in the literal. Dave has been troubleshooting his solar panel, and Chris has been building up new 3D printing metholodologies. Also semiconductor manufacturing, workshops, project management, and more!
Published 09/27/21
This week Chris and Dave discuss reflow in the lab, the passing of Sir Clive Sinclair, the importance of cost-down innovations, test equipment craziness, and more!
Published 09/20/21
Orkhan Amiraslanov of The Things Industries joins Chris to talk about creating hardware for a LoRaWAN network, including working with different microcontrollers and building a sensor platform that will handle many users' needs.
Published 09/13/21
Phillip Johnston of Embedded Artistry joins Chris to talk about building better firmware for hardware devices. This includes high level topics like setting up Continuous Integration pipelines and developing in-situ testing.
Published 09/07/21
Dave and Chris celebrate their 555th show by doing a live Q&A recording
Published 08/31/21
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Published 08/24/21
Dave and Chris discuss the terror of getting a product change notification and hoping it's not something drastic (like an end of life notice). Also test equipment, the M.2 standard, layout, new wifi chips, podcasts, and more!
Published 08/16/21
Shahriar Shahramian from The Signal Path joins Dave to talk debunking theories and how to teach critcal thinking
Published 08/10/21
Welcome back, Colin O'Flynn of NewAE Technology! He was last on the show for episode 239 in 2015, as he was releasing the Chip Whisperer We recorded this all on video as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRGPltf0KBg Colin is an assistant professor at Dalhousie University, where he got his PhD. He is moving out of that role (and likely into a role as an Adjunct) as of 8/31. Private sector, FTW! Side channel analysis Colin has been testing the security of the doorlocks...
Published 08/02/21
Dave and Chris discuss chip shortages, USB, job seeking tips, meetups, bluetooth waste, electronics fundamentals, moving labs, and more!
Published 07/26/21
Zack Freedman is a prototyping engineer turned YouTuber who makes bombastic videos about 3D printed creations and getting projects across the finish line. He joins Chris to talk about his past hardware designs and what he will be building next.
Published 07/19/21
Shrouk El-Attar is an electronics designer, refugee, belly dancer, activist and podcaster. She joins Chris to talk about creating electronics for interesting problem solving, including FemTech products, robots and art.
Published 07/12/21
This week Chris and Dave discuss how to keep electronics dry by properly designing an enclosure. Also solar, weather events, patent trolls, outfitting labs, and more!
Published 07/06/21
Michael Gielda of Antmicro returns to discuss open source methodology and the wide variety of projects they develop that feed back into the electronics ecosystem, including FPGA, AI, chip design and firmware projects.
Published 06/29/21
This week Chris and Dave discuss the amazing amount of interdependencies in modern web software and how that differs from hardware processes. Also takeover bids for CAD tools, hardware continuous integration, old display drivers, production systems, machine learning, and more!
Published 06/22/21
This week Chris and Dave discuss data retention, manufacturing data generation, moving labs (and homes), and the joys of real estate.
Published 06/07/21
Pete Staples of Blue Clover Devices joins Chris to talk about manufacturing and how to automate and standardize device programming and testing. Blue Clover uses their experience manufacturing in China to develop a general purpose production test tool
Published 06/02/21
Dave and Chris discuss part library strategies, repairing equipment, electric vehicles, corporate buyouts, IoT teardowns, and more!
Published 05/24/21
Jan Rychter, creator of PartsBox, talks with Chris about how to manage a personal library of components. This can help to save money, run a small manufacturing business, keep track of parts, reduce waste, and more!
Published 05/17/21
Chris returns from paternity leave to more mayhem in the semiconductor supply chain. Dave jokingly doesn't believe that it's happening when he can't find parts out on a distributor website.
Published 05/10/21
Dave talks with Fran Blanche about, well, everything including her theory on the space time continuum! 00:00 - Fran Blanche 02:00 - Fob watches 04:30 - Solar power and grids 08:00 - Green Power 11:10 - Fran Lab 14:00 - Commercial and mixed use buildings 16:30 - Youtube 17:15 - GoFundMe 19:30 - Woodworking shop & Storage 23:20 - Alan Bean paintings 26:40 - Next video 29:20 - Philly Lockdowns 35:25 - IEEE 36:40 - Engineering Groups 37:40 - Freemasons 39:15 - Engineering...
Published 05/05/21
Dave talks with the king of trashy youtube channels, Big Clive! http://bigclive.com/ Big Clive Live  All about running the trashiest channel on youtube His production and editing style The amazing technology in professional studio lighting COB LED arrays Laser LED headlights Are products designed to fail? The long life Dubai lamp Blue LED's Failing Tesla LCD screen Dodgy LCD connectors Trying to generate ozone using a ceramic capacitor Capacitor...
Published 04/26/21