The Amp Hour #539 – The King of Trash with Big Clive
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Dave talks with the king of trashy youtube channels, Big Clive! Big Clive Live  All about running the trashiest channel on youtube His production and editing style The amazing technology in professional studio lighting COB LED arrays Laser LED headlights Are products designed to fail? The long life Dubai lamp Blue LED's Failing Tesla LCD screen Dodgy LCD connectors Trying to generate ozone using a ceramic capacitor Capacitor dielectrics Living on the Isle of Man
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Dave and Chris discuss shopping for new parts, logistics, measuring signals, and mechanical marvels.
Published 11/22/21
Carmen Parisi, Staff Applications Engineer at Renesas, joins Chris to talk about how high current regulators work and what it's like testing and supporting those chips for a wide variety of customers.
Published 11/15/21