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Charles Mulli was abandoned by his parents at six years old leaving him with no choice but to beg from hut to hut in search of food in order to survive. He endured years of struggle until remarkably, that struggle turned into an amazing amount of success in business where he was able to create an empire that made him a multi-millionaire.  But this was only the beginning of Dr.Mulli’s remarkable story because it was at this point that he decided to walk away from life as a businessman and become “Father to the Fatherless,” committing his life to saving the orphans living in the slums of Kenya. In this episode Dr.Mulli shares more about his story, he and Anthony discuss the power of faith and the two talk about the largest family in the world, Mully Children’s Family. Before you listen to this episode, you’re highly encouraged to watch his film “MULLY” available online and it’s terrific! Visit the Mully Children's Family website Special thank you to our sponsor SafeStreets, visit for more details. Follow  The Unstoppable Podcast on social media at:              Twitter -@Be_Unstoppabl3                Instagram - @THEUNSTOPPABLEPODCAST                Facebook- The Unstoppable Podcast with Anthony Robles
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