One topic that's always popular when we mention it is how we can get kids to eat more seafood, particularly in North America. So I had registered dietitians Sherri Clerk and Barbara Ruhs back on for a quick bonus episode to discuss child nutrition and how we can increase seafood consumption in kids. It's a great off-the-cuff conversation that I think you're going to enjoy!
Published 12/09/22
The Global Seafood Alliance is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, so we decided to highlight the top 25 episodes of Aquademia, chosen by both us (the hosts) and by you (the listeners)! This is part 2, highlighting 16 more favorite Aquademia episodes! Enjoy, and be sure to check out any of these episodes you may have missed!
Published 12/07/22
The Global Seafood Alliance is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, so we decided to highlight the top 25 episodes of Aquademia, chosen by both us (the hosts) and by you (the listeners)! This is part 1, highlighting 16 favorite Aquademia episodes! Enjoy, and be sure to check out any of these episodes you may have missed!
Published 11/30/22
One of the biggest discussion points in this industry is Traceability and Transparency within supply chains. These are issues that touch every industry, and finding a common practice to keep track of products as they move throughout a complex supply chain will be key in maintaining control of where these products go. GS1 is helping to wrangle some of these supply chain issues, and Reid Jackson from GS1-US is here to explain it all (well, a lot of it).
Published 11/16/22
This week we thought it would be fun to discuss some more seafood items that we have never heard of or tried. We found a list of 100 popular seafoods on Tasteatlas.com and picked the ten we found most interesting. Connect with us on Twitter or email us at [email protected] and let us know if you've had any of these!
Published 11/09/22
Did you know that most grocery stores have registered dietitians on staff? Dietician and MarketRD.com owner Barbara Ruhs sits down with Shaun to discuss Food As Medicine, resources available to help you improve your nutrition, and some of the awesome stuff happening at Superior Fresh! Thanks for listening!
Published 11/02/22
Ghost gear and ghost fishing doesn't just sound scary, it's a huge issue both environmentally and economically. Being able to find and retrieve lost fishing traps can help reduce the frequency of ghost fishing. Enter: Resqunit. CEO Helge Tretto Olsen sat down with Shaun to discuss this innovative technology that will help address this spooky problem that is impacting our oceans.
Published 10/26/22
Aquademia went on the road to visit the kind folks over at Atlantic Capes. Shaun, Justin, and Elise sit down with Matt Grolnic and Steve Martz from Atlantic Capes to discuss certification. Atlantic Capes is the first company worldwide to achieve BSP Certification for their entire supply chain.
Published 10/19/22
What if you could grow shrimp in a controlled environment, with a year-round harvest schedule and minimal waste output? That is the vision for the folks over at Ataraya with the Shrimpbox! Shaun sat down with Daniel Russek to discuss this innovative new technology.
Published 10/12/22
This week GOAL 2022 is taking place in Seattle, WA, and Maddie and Elise are bringing you daily recaps each day! If you weren't able to travel to GOAL this year, they will give you a little taste of some of the amazing speakers and content at this year's conference! This is the daily recap for Day 2!
Published 10/06/22
This week GOAL 2022 is being held in Seattle, WA, and as a gift to our awesome listeners, Maddie and Elise are going to be giving us a recap each day on the amazing speakers and content. Today is Day 1. Please enjoy this bonus episode, and thank you for listening!
Published 10/05/22
Invasive aquatic weeds have become a major ecological problem in a lot of waterways, and controlling them with chemical weedkillers also have a negative effect on the environment. Enter WeeDoo Boats. Tara Lordi of WeeDoo sits down with Justin and Shaun to discuss their boats specifically designed for mechanical weed removal.
Published 10/05/22
This episode's country spotlight is focused on Scotland! Scottish seafood is known for its high quality, and Donna Fordyce and Adam Wing of Seafood Scotland discuss the Scottish seafood sector and its role in the global seafood industry. Seafood Scotland is also hosting the GOAL Conference in 2024!
Published 09/28/22
It's been a year since we last looked at the top 5 consumed seafood species, so we're re-releasing that episode this week. In the next couple week's we'll revisit this topic and see what has changed in the last year. Please enjoy this re-release, and get excited for the updated version in the next few weeks!
Published 09/21/22
Although it is a small country, there is a lot of innovation happening in Iceland, and Dr. Alexandra Leeper is at the center of it when it comes to seafood. Dr. Leeper joined the Aquademia team to discuss 100% fish use, the Iceland Ocean Cluster, and other innovative projects happening in Iceland.
Published 09/14/22
Alternative ingredients for aquaculture feed is always a hot topic in the industry, and it is a passion that today's guest is pursuing. Yas Farjad is currently finishing up her second masters degree with a focus on alternative feed ingredients, and she gets down into the science and social aspects of the different alternatives that are out there.
Published 09/07/22
Staying up to date with everything going on in the seafood industry would be nearly impossible without news and media resources that we take for granted every day. Without dedicated journalists and media professionals, our work would be a lot more difficult. Global Seafood Advocate editor James Wright sat down with us to discuss the ever-evolving media landscape within the seafood industry.
Published 08/31/22
GOAL 2022 is coming up fast, and it's finally back in-person this person! This year GOAL will bring seafood professionals from all around the world to Seattle, WA. Registration is now open, and the program is looking as inspiring as ever! Steve Hedlund sat down with us to talk about everything you need to know about this year's GOAL conference!
Published 08/24/22
Most people get their seafood from a grocery store/retailer, but have you ever thought about where that retailer got that seafood? What does the process for bringing fresh, high-quality seafood into a retailer look like? How does the system work? Wakefern Food Corp. Director of Seafood Bob Cerullo sits down with us to give us a behind-the-scenes breakdown of how your seafood finds its way to store shelves.
Published 08/17/22
How does a communications student in China end up working in the seafood industry in New Hampshire, USA? Jane Bi joins Aquademia to tell the unique story of her career, which started with volunteering at our very own GOAL conference!
Published 08/10/22
Shaun, Justin, and Maddie have been in the seafood industry for less than 10 years, but within that time they have interviewed CEOs, scientists, innovators, chefs, and countless other seafood professionals, just on this podcast. Within this short time they have learned a great deal about the industry. In this episode, your three hosts discuss some of the things they've learned, trends they've noticed, and what they foresee coming in the future. Enjoy!
Published 08/03/22
In our second episode of Country Spotlights, we're going to take a look at The Philippines! We're joined by fisheries consultant Josette Genio to get a comprehensive understanding of how the seafood industry within the Philippines, some of the biggest challenges they're facing, and how she is helping combat IUU fishing in the Pacific.
Published 07/27/22