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Pat and Tony worry about Tom. He had a hard time at the cricket on Sunday according to Tony, with Tracy outing his desertion by Natasha. Pat wishes she could make him feel better. Clarrie joins them and shares her concern about Will. They agree their kids never really grow up in their eyes. Tony suggests he speak to Natasha himself, but Pat thinks they shouldn’t interfere. Jazzer’s gutted Ed’s cancelled tomorrow’s shearing job. Doesn’t he realise Jazzer needs the cash? It’s alright for Ed, he’s got plenty of work. The two bicker. Jazzer calls the farm himself to try and reinstate the job, but it’s been given to someone else. At least he’s pleased to hear Jim’s on the case with his pursuit of Tom for severance pay. Joe reckons Tim’s got Ed at his beck and call. Jazzer wants to know if he can join Ed working for Tim, and when Ed declines Jazzer accuses him of being just like Tom; happy to drop his mates in it. Clarrie and Joe warn Ed not to fall out with his mates. Clarrie’s heard from Mia. She’s staying at her dad’s a bit longer. Clarrie despairs. Now she’s worrying about both her children, and Mia too. Joe tells her not to worry. They have her – she’s a rock and a blessing to them all.
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