Essential Amino Acids For Longevity + Metabolism (Myths, Plant-Based vs. Animal Protein, Food Combining) with Angelo Keely
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In this episode KION founder, Angelo Keely joins us for a deep dive on all things amino acids. As the building blocks of protein, we look at why they are necessary for our health, what foods contain amino acids, and their connection to your metabolism and longevity. We also look at what makes something an essential amino acid, how and how often you should be getting them, does it break a fast and if they really are as essential as the wellness world makes them seem.  For all links mentioned in episode:   Sponsor: You can now save 20% on monthly deliveries and 10% on one-time purchases. Just go to   Produced by Dear Media.   Please note that this episode may contain paid endorsements and advertisements for products and services. Individuals on the show may have a direct or indirect financial interest in products or services referred to in this episode.
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