AE 1064 - Expression: A Snake Oil Salesman
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It's another Sunday, you guys! We have an all-goodness packed episode today where I am going to teach you all about the English expression "a snake oil salesman" - and more! First off, we start off by answering a question from Jonathan from the Netherlands. He asks about how to say the letter L at the end of a word (the Dark L) and how to say 'oo' in words (the OO Vowel Sound). Tune in for the answers I gave Jonathan, and I recommend you also try out saying the words I mentioned. Don't forget to send me in those questions at We also get on a story about rattlesnakes hanging out in aeroplane wheels! As usual, I'll break down the English expression "a snake oil salesman" for you guys. There will be example situations where you can use this expression, and a very interesting origin story, too! Finally, don't forget to hit pause, rewind, and play because there will be a Listening Comprehension Exercise at the end of this episode. This is a clip from the Australian horror movie Boar - yes, it's a gigantic, man-eating pig. Not for kids, haha! ** Want to wear the kookaburra shirt? Get yours here at ** Improve your listening skills today – listen, play, & pause this episode – and start speaking like a native English speaker!
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