AE 970 - Australian Pronunciation Lesson | How To Contract TO BE
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Learn Australian English in each of these episodes of the Aussie English podcast! When speaking, native English speakers tend to shorten or contract words. In this case, the auxiliary verbs AM, IS, and ARE can be contracted with pronouns without changing their meaning. Mastering these contractions will make you sound more natural. You will also gain a better understanding of what native speakers are trying to tell you. First, I will teach you the correct pronunciation for the auxiliary verb (am, is, are) and the pronoun. You will learn how each of them should be sounded out when they are contracted together. There will be three examples provided for each contracted pair of the auxiliary verb + pronoun. Find a good spot where you can practice your pronunciation. Focus on how the sounds change and pay attention to the intonation. Let's get into this! Contraction #1: Am I Contraction #2: Are You Contraction #3: Is He Contraction #4: Is She Contraction #5: Are We Contraction #6: Are They Contraction #7: Is It So, how did it go for you? Did you get to the end of this lesson? Check out this link right NOW! 👉👉👉 Improve your listening skills today - listen, play & pause this episode - and start speaking like a native English speaker!
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