AE 1025 - Interview: Raising Bilingual Children with Shana Thompson
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I've been chin-wagging with the best people in the world while in lockdown! Today's guest is Shana Thompson, host of the American English Podcast! Like me, she creates fun & educational content designed for intermediate to Advanced English learners. Ah mates, we've got much in common! We both do podcasts for English learners. We both married Brazilians (she's American, and I'm- well, you know that, don't you?!). We both know how to speak Portuguese. AND we both have two children who are growing up in a bilingual household! In today's talk, we talk about what it takes to "marry" a new culture. How it feels to open up yourself to a different way of doing things. We also talk about the struggles of learning a new language. Like, when you're up there at that intermediate level (like you!), now what? And we also talk about how we are raising bilingual children! Our children are learning both English and Portuguese at the same time, and it's fascinating to watch them switch between the two languages. Besides English, are you learning another language? Tell me about it in the comments below! Improve your listening skills today – listen, play, & pause this episode – and start speaking like a native English speaker!
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