AE 1027 - 10 Deadliest Australian Animals | Part 2
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And here we are on Part 2 of Australia's deadliest animals -- or so the video '10 Most Dangerous Animals In Australia' says so. Mmm, we're getting to the ones to the top of their list. I may have said nay to some of them but let's see here. 00:15 The one with one red stripe. 03:32 The one who can camouflage. 06:39 The one with pretty blue rings. 10:26 The one with terrifying teeth. 14:49 The one without legs. 16:58 The one with wispy tentacles. What scary Australian animal have you encountered? Do tell me in the comment section! Improve your listening skills today – listen, play, & pause this episode – and start speaking like a native English speaker!
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