3. The challenge for urban distilleries
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People’s first introduction to the world of craft spirits is usually through urban-based distilleries, but how is the relationship between these urban craft distilleries and their rural colleagues? This episode looks at the growth of craft distilleries in urban areas, like Archie Rose Distilling Co. in Sydney and Starward distillery in Melbourne, and how these distilleries along with bartenders are often the ones educating people about the craft these small producers are putting into distilling right across Australia.  Featuring: Founder of Nip of Courage Kathleen Davies, Founder of Starward David Vitale, Head of hospitality at the Archie Rose distilling Co. Harriet Lee, Master distiller of Archie Rose Distilling Co. Dave Withers and owner of Dulcies King Cross Brandon ‘Brandy Boy’ Martignago.
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