Episode 64: Motherpower
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Wow! This was a powerful episode, all about mother power. We talk about why we believe it is time on a planetary level for mothers to relaxin our power. We share our own stories of reconnecting with our power. We explain why having deep compassion for our experiences of powerlessness is so vital. We invite you to connect with your power in service of your love for your child/ren and what you want for them. We support you in connecting with your yeses and noes. And we share power portals ~ ways to connect with your power. Please come over to our Facebook page, or find us on Instagram @theawareparentingpodcast You can find Marion at www.marionrose.net and Lael at www.laelstone.com.au And if you haven’t already, would you be like to subscribe to the podcast so we can show up in your podcast feed? 
 We’re sending you much love and compassion in your parenting journey. Marion and Lael xoxo
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