If you are a smart, ambitious, upwardly-mobile woman working as a corporate executive or a business owner - you understand how precious time can be. And then there is the baby factor. One of the areas of life that get cut out in the career mom routine is paying attention to their physical fitness.  What if you could lose 40 pounds while working 60+ hours per week?  You absolutely can. In this exciting conversation, Nagina shares how she lost 40 pounds in 7 months while working full time as...
Published 07/20/21
If your male mojo is currently lost, this episode of the Awesome Health Podcast could change your life.  There is nothing shameful about having “low-T” or “low testosterone” or any other hormone imbalance as a man. You did nothing wrong. Your endocrine system changed for some reason, which is something entirely out of your control.  There are answers if you know where to look. 
Published 07/15/21
You can tell Dr. Gary truly cares about his patients. He's a maverick in the medical field, not afraid to speak his mind AND question everything. That’s why you don’t want to miss this episode. Biohackers, alternative medicine geeks, and people fed up with traditional medicine should tune in because Dr. Gary has a lot to say about finding real, lasting health and wellness. Stop managing your symptoms and listen to what Dr. Gary has to offer!
Published 07/13/21
You may recall that every cell in your body has an engine called the mitochondria.  Like a car’s engine, your mitochondria can lose power and performance through neglect and environmental factors. Our guest in this episode, Dr. Tim Jackson, is sort of like a “mechanic” who “works” on a patient’s mitochondria to help clean their cell engines, “oil them up” and restore their vitality through meticulous testing and tune ups.
Published 07/08/21
While working indoors, particularly at a computer - you can easily spend too much time in the “digital world” and not enough time in your natural, physical environment.  If you wonder why this matters, let me ask you this: how do you feel these days? Are you anxious? Burned out? Do you have mysterious ailments that your doctor says are stress-related, yet gym workouts, a better diet, and medications are not improving the way you feel? Perhaps it’s time to take a walk on the rewild side. 
Published 07/06/21
If you are interested in using cannabis or hemp related products or started using them but are not satisfied with the results, you came to the right podcast episode. By now, you probably know that the hemp industry exploded across North America. Today, there is a good chance you live near a marijuana dispensary. You might already be using CBD products or THC products, or both. But the question is - are you getting the right cannabis in the proper form that works well with your DNA?
Published 07/01/21
In this episode, Wade sits down with fellow biohacker Angela Foster, who was, in a previous life, a corporate attorney in London working a crazy amount of hours. She was driven, ambitious, talented, and made partner by age 30.  If you are suffering from burnout or mental health issues, work/life balance struggles, or feel like you’re going through the motions in life, you must tune in to Angela!
Published 06/24/21
Fatigue is one of the most common complaints heard in doctor’s offices across North America, from Atlanta to Vancouver.  In this episode, Dr. Steven Gundry shares his scientific discoveries that help people get out of their low-energy funk.  
Published 06/22/21
Listening to Matt and Wade passionately share from their heart is a lot of fun. Tune in, and you will quickly notice how genuine their enthusiasm is for Protein Breakthrough. Finally! A protein powder that vegans and keto lovers can both enjoy. Athletes are going to love this. Kids will request it as a snack. Mothers will be able to trust that it's healthy. Athletes and vegetarians are going to flock to this product. And meat-eaters will throw away their Frankenstein shakes for something...
Published 06/17/21
Pregnancy takes two to tango. Infertility is caused by the man half the time.  In this episode, we dive into the topic of male infertility, as more couples than ever before in recorded history are struggling to have a child. 
Published 06/15/21
In this era of medical misinformation and propaganda, we need a voice of reason. We found one! Our host Wade T. Lightheart was super excited to have Dr. Sanjay Gupta back on the Awesome Health Podcast because Dr. Gupta is one of the most outstanding communicators for sharing medical information with the public. He has a real knack for presenting scientific knowledge in a simple, straightforward style. Dr. Gupta advocates for the public to have free access to reliable, jargon-free health...
Published 06/10/21
Laughter is the best medicine - something biohackers should take seriously.  The healing power of laughter is why our host Wade T. Lightheart invited comedian Brent Pella to show that comedy is a great stress release. Studies show a correlation between laughter, healing, and health. That’s why comedy is essential to Wade. When he is with friends, comedy is a big part of their relationship. And in his spare time, Wade enjoys looking up his favorite comedians on YouTube. 
Published 06/08/21
“Why is Elon Musk taking us to Mars, but we are still expected to spend 8 hours a day on a dumb piece of foam?” That is the question posed by this episode’s guest - Matteo Franceschetti - a dynamic Italian entrepreneur who is disrupting the global sleep industry.  He’s on a quest to crack the code for a perfect night’s sleep using big data.  How Matteo and his business partner collect that data is where things get fascinating.    
Published 06/03/21
Kela Smith is on a mission to get 100,000 women pregnant. She’s capable of reaching that goal. So many women working with Coach Kela are now mothers and have had a baby (or multiple babies) after struggling with infertility for years. With so many couples out there still wrestling with infertility - they need to hear this podcast!
Published 06/01/21
Fatigue can be a complex puzzle to “figure out.” To solve your lack of energy riddle, you need a meticulous, thorough, medically trained specialist who loves taking comprehensive deep dives into each patient’s health to find the answers that will restore their energy. That is what patients of Dr. Evan H. Hirsch get: a caring doctor with the determination of a bulldog.
Published 05/27/21
Dr. Misak first began his medical studies in pharmacy, earning a degree in Pharmacy from West Virginia University. He is still a Registered Pharmacist today.  Most pharmacists ``stay in their lane,” never breaking out of that trained paradigm. Misak’s combined expertise in functional medicine is why you will want to tune in. Our host Wade Lightheart declares this to be one of the BEST Awesome Health Podcasts EVER at the end of the show. 
Published 05/25/21
Joe loves empowering individuals to live highly effective and sustainable lives that fuel health, wellness, and performance.  Through the course of Joe’s career journey as a fitness trainer, he has put together a unique method for sustainable happiness that is the primary focus of this episode. Listen in and discover Joe’s six life-changing methods that are so simple, anyone can do them. When done consistently, Joe’s clients achieve a reliably steady level of overall wellbeing. 
Published 05/20/21
If you’re ready to get back to a more healthy and fit lifestyle as communities begin letting go of heavy pandemic restrictions, Steve Jordan is the perfect guy to tune into. The fitness wisdom he has accumulated over the years training famous “stars” (Steve is not a big name-dropper) is now available for everyone through this episode and the online courses Steve teaches as well as his excellent podcast
Published 05/19/21
Jesse Chappus' inspiring story provides hope for those feeling like something is missing in their career. Wade describes it like “your music is missing a bass guitar.” Do you feel like something isn’t quite right with your career or life? If you’re seeking to enter the health and wellness space, be sure to tune in to this episode. Successful podcasters in the health and wellness space like Jesse are some of the happiest people you will ever meet. 
Published 05/13/21
From Ballerina to Corporate Branding to Extraordinary Fitness Trainer If you are a woman who is feeling down about your health or your fitness, maybe your weight, or just life in general, you are in for a treat.  This episode can offer our male listeners plenty of fitness tips and inspiration as well, so don’t write this one off until you give Kristen a listen for a few minutes - you will be captivated by her story!
Published 05/12/21
Dr. Tara is a top expert in the subject of fat within the human body. Stop wasting time picking the wrong diet and living in a state of disappointment with your body fat. Once you understand the different types of fat, how fat works, and how fat loss works for good  (not just temporarily), you can start your weight loss journey that will succeed long-term. 
Published 05/06/21
In this episode, Dr. Z’s passion for essential oils comes across loud and clear.  He’s the author of two books on this topic: The Healing Power of Essential Oils & The Essential Oils Apothecary.  He shares how our modern way of life is killing our sense of smell. Imperfect olfactory senses hurt people’s health and wellness - again, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. 
Published 04/29/21
Our host, Wade Lightheart, talks with one of the fittest globetrotters you will ever meet in this episode - John Fawkes - who lives the “digital nomad” lifestyle. John travels the world while serving as the editor-in-chief of the health and fitness website The Unwinder.com - a place where health-conscious people can find reviews and articles on health and fitness products, services and trends.
Published 04/27/21
Sean owns a chain of float centers, which are places that offer isolation tanks. Float therapy is a powerful method for improving the way you feel and function, regardless of age. Sean explains the benefits of using a float tank for your health in this fantastic conversation with Wade.  Sean is also a Certified Life Coach and Performance Coach whose clients include professional athletes, television actors, MLS professionals, and the Luluemon corporate team.
Published 04/15/21