142: Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Male Infertility & Sperm Storage - with Tom Smith
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Pregnancy takes two to tango. Infertility is caused by the man half the time.  In this episode, we dive into the topic of male infertility, as more couples than ever before in recorded history are struggling to have a child. 
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If you are a smart, ambitious, upwardly-mobile woman working as a corporate executive or a business owner - you understand how precious time can be. And then there is the baby factor. One of the areas of life that get cut out in the career mom routine is paying attention to their physical...
Published 07/20/21
If your male mojo is currently lost, this episode of the Awesome Health Podcast could change your life.  There is nothing shameful about having “low-T” or “low testosterone” or any other hormone imbalance as a man. You did nothing wrong. Your endocrine system changed for some reason, which is...
Published 07/15/21