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Today we are talking all about your WORST. TRAVEL. STORIES. Listen, I get it, travelling is a miracle. But is it really? Because it seems like the majority of our experiences were curated by our worst enemies.   And yes, I talk about MomTok. Enjoy!   TODAY'S SPONSORS:   BetterHelp: Get 10% off of your first month of online therapy at   p-HD Feminine Care: Enter to win at - also get 20% off of your order with the code BAD   Storyworth: Get $10 off your first purchase at   Apostrophe: Get your first visit with an expert dermatologist at after you enter the code BAD at checkout!   Produced By Dear Media 
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I know, I know! Q&A’s galore over here. But today’s episode we get a little deeper, a little more vulnerable, and maybe a little misty eyed. I don’t know who asked these but I hope in some small way you feel a little a less alone. Troy Bolton taught us best: we’re all in this together.   ...
Published 01/30/23
As your host and self-proclaimed BFF, I wear many hats. Doctor, lawyer, therapist...but today I am your all-powerful judge and I'm ready to throw down if you are, in fact, behaving like an a*****e. (Spoiler: I'm spicy today, and the answer is mostly yes.) I'm sorry in advance for the fights I'm...
Published 01/23/23
Published 01/23/23