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I have a biiiiig juicy episode for you today! We open up with some hot takes about my adventures watching Drag Race, we recap last week's episode, we go over some celeb drama, I tell you my worst heartbreak story, and I respond to your submissions about best friend breakups! WHEW! Hope you're ready for this ride! ENJOY!   Follow me for behind the scenes, episode discussions, and weekly topics! Instagram: @ thebadbroadcast TikTok: @madisonrosemurphy TODAY'S SPONSORS:   p-Hd Feminine Health: Get 20% off all products at when you use the code BAD at checkout. You can also go to to enter to win a FREE summer gift basket. Fuzzy: Get a free 7 day trial membership when you go to   Produced by Dear Media
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 Your Holy Trinity is here! Today I’m joined by Jaci & Chels from What We Said and they’re here to play prosecution in the courtroom of Judge Madi. We get (a little) judgy but also chat astrology, female friendships, and careers. Spoiler alert: these two are as cool and as fun as you’d think....
Published 02/06/23
I know, I know! Q&A’s galore over here. But today’s episode we get a little deeper, a little more vulnerable, and maybe a little misty eyed. I don’t know who asked these but I hope in some small way you feel a little a less alone. Troy Bolton taught us best: we’re all in this together.   ...
Published 01/30/23
Published 01/30/23