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Small scale gossip. No-risk shit talking. Low stakes chatter. That's what today is AAALLLL about. Granted, what's small to one may not be small to another, but we're gonna roll with it. We've got it all: office drama, friend breakups, and heard-it-through-the grapevine neighborhood beef. This episode has an ad for therapy...maybe it's best you use it. TODAY'S SPONSORS:   BETTERHELP // 10% off your first month when you go to BETTERHELP.COM/BAD   OUAI // CODE: BAD Get 15% off your entire purchase at THEOUAI.COM   SEED // CODE: BAD Get 20% off your first month at SEED.COM/BAD   BUTCHERBOX // CODE: BAD Get two pounds of free-range, organic chicken breasts for free in every order when you sign up at BUTCHERBOX.COM/BAD   CHIME //  Continue your credit journey with Chime! Get started at CHIME.COM/BAD     Produced by Dear Media    Please note that this episode may contain paid endorsements and advertisements for products and services. Individuals on the show may have a direct or indirect financial interest in products or services referred to in this episode.
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Published 11/28/22
This episode has no shortage of petty stories: local tennis coach who pockets the team fees, workplace snack hoarders, and relationships ending over Hamilton tickets. I hope the part of you that loves putting your nose into other people's business loves this episode as much as mine does. Enjoy! ...
Published 11/28/22
Another round of IS THIS ICK? is upon us!!! You guys submitted possible icks, and then I, a qualified and very real doctor, decided what level of ick it is. Levels 1-2 are doable, Level 3 is too icky for comfort, and Levels 4-5 are actual Ick Crimes. Let me know if you agree with my rulings!...
Published 11/21/22