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It's baaaaack. The Boo'd Broadcast makes it's 2022 return today with (truly) some of the spookiest tales I've come across. Don't worry, I leave you with some Dumb Dumb Club entries to help you sleep at night. Enjoy! And I'm sorry! TODAY'S SPONSORS:   BETTERHELP -  10% off your first month when you go to BETTERHELP.COM/BAD //   NUULY -  $20 off your first month at NUULY.COM CODE: BAD20 //   CHIME -  Continue your credit journey with Chime! Get started at CHIME.COM/BAD //   DIPSEA -  Get an extended 30-day free trial at DIPSEASTORIES.COM/BAD //    LMNT -  Get a free sample pack with any purchase at DRINKLMNT.COM/BADBROADCAST //    Produced by Dear Media    Please note that this episode may contain paid endorsements and advertisements for products and services. Individuals on the show may have a direct or indirect financial interest in products or services referred to in this episode.
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 Your Holy Trinity is here! Today I’m joined by Jaci & Chels from What We Said and they’re here to play prosecution in the courtroom of Judge Madi. We get (a little) judgy but also chat astrology, female friendships, and careers. Spoiler alert: these two are as cool and as fun as you’d think....
Published 02/06/23
I know, I know! Q&A’s galore over here. But today’s episode we get a little deeper, a little more vulnerable, and maybe a little misty eyed. I don’t know who asked these but I hope in some small way you feel a little a less alone. Troy Bolton taught us best: we’re all in this together.   ...
Published 01/30/23
Published 01/30/23