The Dylan Years
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This week we dive into the  This week we dive deeper into the legendary roots-rock group, The Band as they join Dylan. Detailing the years between 1964 through 1966 we take a look at the group as they get to see the world. Private jets, A-list celebrities, turmoil and more. The Hawks got to experience the very best of music and the very worst. From seeing how a master like Bob Dylan writes and performs to having crowds of thousands hate your guts. This episode of The Band: A History packs a punch.  Please consider following on social media:  Instagram: @TheBandPodcast Twitter: @TheBandPodcast Facebook: /TheBandPodcast Check out Adam Traum who provided the track "Levon's Barn" for this episode. Become a supporter of this podcast:
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Originally released on The Band: A History's Patreon. We sit down and talk with Breanna McCann, the curator and archivist behind the new project The Manuel Archive.  We discuss her love of The Band, and how it started with their song "Acadian Driftwood", her passion for sixties and seventies...
Published 09/10/21
This week we sit down and chat with Joe Forno. Forno was born in Woodstock, New York. His father an influential local and was friendly with The Band. Forno graduated Albany College of Pharmacy in 1973 and had a career as a pharmacist before assisting Richard Manuel and Levon Helm with their...
Published 08/13/21
“None of us truly understood where we were headed, but we knew change was inevitable.” The Band meant something, their music had spoken to many. Whether that meant flying from another continent, taking a train cross country, selling their worldly possessions or quitting a job, even the slightest...
Published 07/21/21