Interview: Jonathan Taplin
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Fans of The Band may know Jonathan Taplin from his time as a road manger for The Band, but Jon’s career spans several decades in multiple industries.  A Princeton grad who marched with Martin Luther King, he was drawn to folk music from people like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and soon found himself working for Albert Grossman, Dylan’s manager. Not long after he went on to work with The Band for several years during their seminal years making their second album, playing Woodstock, Isle of Wight and much more. He left The Band in 1971 to do a number of things from his time with the Rolling Stones, producing movies like Mean Streets with Martin Scorsese to coming back into the fold and producing The Last Waltz.  Jonathan is now an academic and author and his latest book "The Magic Years: Scenes From A Rock N Roll Life" is coming out May 14. You can learn more and pre-order the book here.
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