Five and Dive, Episode 381: The Run Differential of the Modern Mariner
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In Episode 381, Patrick and Jeffrey chat about lakes (again) and then discuss five mostly baseball topics.  1.This is the sound of settling: The Mariners might just be the best team inthe AL West. Is that enough? 2. The Medium Place: Is it better to be good, bad, or just actually interesting? It's a long season after all. 3. Around the Horn: Cavan Biggio inevitably finds his way to Los Angeles, and that leads off a very slow news half week. 4. What to Watch: Some good match-ups, plus one that's happened a bunch of times but you've never paid attention to.  5. Jeffrey struggles with knowing what year is which but otherwise acquits himself okay Five and Dive is listener-supported, you can join our Patreon at If you want to get in contact with the show, the e-mail address is [email protected]. Our theme tune is by Jawn Stockton. You can listen to him on Spotify and Apple Music Spotify: Apple Music:
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