Biden: "More people may die" if Trump refuses to coordinate on Covid-19
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MSNBC’s Ari Melber hosts “The Beat” on Monday, November 16, and reports on Trump’s failing legal challenges to the election results, and the latest on the coronavirus and vaccine breakthroughs. Melber also interviews Rep. Adam Schiff in a special interview. Former federal prosecutor John Flannery and the second person to ever receive Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine both join. 
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MSNBC’s Ari Melber hosts “The Beat” on Tuesday, January 19, and reports on Trump’s last day in office, Joe Biden’s upcoming inauguration, how tomorrow’s transition differs from transitions past, and what it means that Mitch McConnell now publicly states Trump “provoked” the attack on Capitol...
Published 01/20/21
MSNBC’S Ari Melber hosts “The Beat” and reports on Biden’s upcoming inauguration, Trump’s last days in office and the potential pardons he might issue, new evidence concerning the siege of Capitol Hill, GOP hypocrisy, and MLK Day. Historian Timothy Snyder joins.
Published 01/20/21
MSNBC’s Ari Melber hosts “The Beat” on Friday, January 15, and reports on new findings in the aftermath of the riot at Capitol Hill, the next steps in Trump’s impeachment trial, and Biden’s upcoming inauguration. Melber also delivers a special report that traces the events leading up to the...
Published 01/20/21