Interview with Professor of Exercise Science, Dr. Jay Cholewa
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In this episode, we interview Dr. Jay Cholewa, professor of exercise science at the University of Lynchburg. We talk about Jay's abnormal route to becoming a professor and what led him to turn his life around. We also discuss the extensive history between Jay and Layne: how they met in the early 2000s on the forums as aspiring bodybuilders, how their paths diverged and then came back together. Of course, we discuss Dr. Cholewa's research, much of which focuses on supplements like Betaine. We think you will very much enjoy this episode and learn quite a bit during the process. Don’t forget to leave us a review if you are enjoying these podcast episodes!   You can find Dr. Cholewa on Instagram @dr.redperformance   Get our new nutrition coaching app, Carbon Diet Coach, for iOS and Android to get custom nutrition coaching for less than $10/month: Get our books on how to lose fat: Take my online course "The Science of Nutrition": Get custom workouts by us for $12.99/month:   Find Layne and Holly on Instagram @biolayne and @hollytbaxter   ---- Post-production by Jim McDonald (@thejimmcd) and David Margittai (   © 2021, Biolayne LLC. All rights reserved.
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