China's Global Climate Governance with Jeffrey Qi
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Jeffrey Qi discusses China's growing role in high-level, high-stakes global climate governance. We discuss research Jeffrey conducted as a master's student in political science at the University of British Columbia and the resulting article he wrote with his advisor Peter Dauvergne, China's rising influence on climate governance: Forging a path for the global South (2021), which can be found here. Jeffrey Qi is a policy analyst at the International Institute for Sustainable Development's Resilience Program (IISD). Based in Vancouver, he provides research, project management, and communication support with a focus on national adaptation planning (NAP) processes, ecosystem-based adaptation, and multilateral agreements. He works on supporting developing countries’ national adaptation planning processes and the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.  Recommendations: Jeffrey: China's Environmental Foreign Relations by Heidi Wang-Kaeding (2021)Analysis: Nine key moments that changed China's mind about climate change by Jianqiang Liu from Carbon Brief (2021)Competing narratives of nature-based solutions: Leveraging the power of nature or dangerous distraction? by Marina Stavroula Melanidis and Shannon Hagerman (2022)Erik: If you get the chance to go on a safari, take it!Same goes for the Chinese-built SGR railway in KenyaJuliet: Travelling with Big Brother: A Reporter's Junket in China by Solomon Elusoji (2019)
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