How Do Chinese Firms Approach Overseas Investment Risk? w/ Alvin Camba
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On this episode Erik speaks with returning guest Dr. Alvin Camba about his latest research paper "How Chinese firms approach investment risk: strong leaders, cancellation, and pushback" (link to paper) This groundbreaking research uses hundreds of in-depth interviews with top officials from China, Chinese SOEs, state-owned banks as well as Philippine and Indonesian political and economic elite to get a glimpse at how Chinese firms view the strength of a foreign leader, how that affects their investment decisions and how miscalculating strength can lead to undesirable outcomes for Chinese investors and/or State. Alvin Camba is an assistant professor at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. He received his PhD in Sociology from Johns Hopkins University and is also a non-resident fellow at the Climate Policy Lab at the Fletcher School at Tufts University. Recommendations Alvin: 1. How Duterte Strong-Armed Chinese Dam-builders but weakened Philippine Institutions 2. How China Lends: A Rare look into 100 debt contracts with foreign governments.  Anna Gelpern, Sebastian Horn, Scott Morris, Brad Parks, Christopher Trebesch at AIDDATA Erik: 1. Get a treadmill desk! 2. The nihilistic electronic noise music of Pharmakon - specifically recommending the song No Natural Order  
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