Cryptid Encounter - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 11/25/22
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Richard Syrett and author Missy Leigh Sterling discuss crossing paths with a pale crawler and Missy feeling her entire world view gradually inverting in the encounter's aftermath.  See for privacy information.
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Guest host Connie Willis and TV shopping host Bob Circosta discuss his long career that started by selling can openers on the radio and went all the way to helping found the Home Shopping Network, and his advice for the best way to market new products. See for privacy...
Published 01/28/23
George Noory and geophysicist Dr. Marvin Herndon explore his thoughts on the recent news that the Earth's core may be shifting and slowing down, what those changes may mean to the planet's magnetic field, and why more people are not upset about the dangers this development presents. See...
Published 01/27/23
Published 01/27/23