The Bar Is In Hell Ft. Brendan Scanzano (Rachel and Gabby Ep 4)
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It finally feels like we aren’t making things up as we go along. This week Kay and guest host Brendan Scanzano get into the details of who’s gonna make it and who needs to just go home. Rachel and Gabby head to Paris where they have their one-on-ones with Tino and Jason, all seems to go according to plan. Later we get two separate group dates, somehow both of them turn out to be all about Rachel. But the real tragedy was having to watch Rachel’s group date, unless you’re Kay who was kinda into it. Meatball tattletales on Hayden and Hayden therefor, walks the plank. Rachel sends him home after a half-assed heartfelt story about his dog. He somehow couldn’t understand that him going home wasn’t about the dog, but more about the amount of times the producers had to censor his choice words about Rachel and Gabby. Follow @thebetchelor to stay up to date with all things Gabby and Rachel. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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