We're back! Lily and I read through the final chapters of Genesis, and learn that Joseph (of technicolour dreamcoat fame) was not the hero that he's usually portrayed as...
Published 04/24/22
Today we're a bit disjointed as we read the chapters in the wrong order and accidentally stopped the recording at one point. Also...sad announcement at the end. tl;dr - Missus Rhino died of a stroke last week, so we are going on hiatus. Donations to Project Share in her honour are greatly appreciated: http://vicedrhino.com/donate
Published 11/15/21
I'm so sorry. So very very sorry. There will be singing in this one. It's Joseph. I can't not.
Published 10/31/21
Today, we hear about how Jacob's sons deal with their sister being raped...and we learn that Jacob's name is no longer Jacob. Twice. Also god cheats at wrestling.
Published 10/17/21
Today, Laban tricks Jacob, who retaliates by tricking Laban, who retaliates by tricking Jacob...etc.
Published 10/03/21
Jacob steals Esau's blessing, then flees to Laban's house, marries both his cousins, and has a *bunch* of babies.
Published 09/19/21
Today, we name an unnamed bible Character, and watch as he gets a wife for Isaac. Then Isaac does something with her that sounds eerily familiar...
Published 08/29/21
Today, Lily learns important lessons about circumcision, slave ownership, incest, and child sacrifice. It's just jam-packed full of morals!
Published 08/15/21
Today, Lily learns of the origin of languages, country names, and why wives should pretend to be sisters if they're good looking. Warning: There is singing in this one. Sorry (not sorry).
Published 08/01/21
Today, Lily and I discuss whether humans count as clean or unclean animals according to biblical rules...and fancy cheese. And there's an ark or something.
Published 07/18/21
Today, I read the story of creation and the fall to Lily - covering the first three chapters of Genesis. Join us on Patreon for early access to an ad-free, extended version: https://www.patreon.com/childseyes
Published 07/04/21