The Big Shaqstradamus
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Shaq, Nischelle and Spice are ready to start off the new year in a BIG way. The Big Diesel gives the Warriors their flowers and weighs in on Antonio Brown’s situation in Tampa. Spice can’t wait to get the gang's opinions on Kanye’s recent spicy actions and a new reality show featuring The Big Fella’s son (to his own surprise)! Nischelle calls on Shaqstradamus to make some 2022 predictions about NBA All-Stars, NFL Playoffs and more.
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After Rudy Gobert claimed he could lock up The Big Fella, Spice tries to instigate a matchup between Shaq and the Jazz center. The Big Aristotle's feelings about the Mavs-Suns series has him fumbling over the spelling of "Dallas" (some Spelling Bee Champion, huh?). 'That's Spicy' has everything...
Published 05/12/22
With Spice fully on the Suns' bandwagon and ready to talk basketball, the crew discusses Chris Paul's near-perfect game, the Sixers' future, and the rift between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. Shaq shares his thoughts on The Met Gala couture and Nischelle finally gets The Big Fella to open up...
Published 05/05/22
Published 05/05/22