Nancy Meyers Could Never
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Jackie recites new poetry inspired by former neighbor Cheryl, has a driveby exorcism in Camarillo, recaps RHOBH and discusses her impending MOVE.   Produced by Dear Media
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Jackie embraces Leo season balls deep with a trip to Mexico, an impromptu astrology guide, contact with her new neighbors and a cheap mascara theory.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 07/23/21
Jackie discusses her new wellness journey for Leo season, makes a bold case in support of Ramona Singer and remind everyone that Tila Tequila is a nazi... allegedly.   Produced By Dear Media
Published 07/14/21
Jackie discusses her parting gift to the neighborhood, her new house, deep dives Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and answers listener questions!   Produced by Dear Media
Published 07/10/21