Matt Hill on Sovereign Computing, The Private Web & Truly Owning Your Own Data
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Matt Hill sits down with Cedric to discuss Start9, building technology for the individual, the Embassy personal server, and how you can leverage the dark net for private Bitcoin, Lightning Network, data, messaging and social media.  Matt is the CEO/Co-Founder of Start9, found and developer of WorkBlast and the co-creator of Borker. This episode was brought to you by LEDN, Bitcoin Magazine and the Bitcoin 2022 conference. LEDN.IO is a secure, simple and easy to use platform for managing and growing your digital wealth. If you want to see what it’s all about and get $50 free in USDC when you take out your first LEDN loan head over to The Bitcoin 2022 Conference celebrates bitcoin over 4 days (April 6-9th, 2022) with 4 different passes. The four days include Industry day, 2 days of main events and speakers, and lastly, a festival day which is a day of music and networking.  Prices will continue to rise over the next few months so get in early and use the code BitcoinMatrix for 10% off at Make sure to subscribe, listen, learn and share the Bitcoin Matrix podcast. Folllow Matt Hill on twitter at @_MattHill_ Follow Start9 @start9labs Follow The Bitcoin Matrix Podcast on twitter at @delabtcmatrix Follow Ced on Twitter at @CedYoungelman iTunes: YouTube: Google Podcasts: Web: Spotify:
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