109. BTS of My Marriage! How to Balance Ambition in Your Relationship with Natalie & Stephen Ellis
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We’re joined by special guest, Stephen Ellis, Co-Founder and CEO of Pipeline, former professional eGamer, and better half to Natalie Ellis, BossBabe’s CEO. One of the most highly anticipated and requested episodes, we’re taking you behind the scenes into their marriage and what it’s like when two ambitious, goal driven entrepreneurs get married.     If you’re an entrepreneur in a relationship with another entrepreneur, then you know how the pressure of owning your own business and the responsibilities that come with being a CEO can impact your relationship. Tune in to hear Natalie’s and Stephen’s journey from marrying each other after just 4 months of meeting, to building their own businesses, and moving to Los Angeles.    We’re diving deep into the routines and rituals they’ve put into place to prevent neglect, and how they’ve learned to communicate with each other (because we all know communication is key in any relationship!)   Stephen also shares his story of being a professional eGamer, landing a corporate role at Facebook to becoming the CEO of his own company. Join us and hear his advice on how to protect your energy, and set your priorities and boundaries so you can be present in your relationship.   Links: Get two free months of Skillshare premium membership and receive access to unlimited to over 1000+ classes: www.skillshare.com/bossbabe    Follow: @bossbabe.inc @iamnatalie @snoopeh
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